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June, 24, 2004 at 14:30

In Big Hall “Dom Kino” (Vasilyevskaya, 13)
XXVI Moscow International Film festival
Russian film-program
a film by Sergey Tkachev


“TATA STUDIO”, Russia, 2004
Script, direction, camera, editing, music: Sergey Tkachev
Producers: Sergey Tkachev; Natalya Tkacheva

Masha Shalaeva,
Dmitryi Shevchenko,
Natalya Tkacheva

Fragment of the press release of the Russian film-program:
«…The recent years proved clear-cut interest of the Russian filmmakers in the life of minors and their major problems: “The Moths’ Games” by Andrei Proshkin, “Schizo” by Guka Omarova, «Masha» by Sergey Tkachev – all of them are devoted to the dark (back) side (aspect) of “the best time of our life”...»
“MASHA” synopsis:
The story describes the adventures of 14 year-old Masha (Masha Shalaeva), a girl who runs away from her native Moscow to Paris, to her father, a Russian translator who last saw her as a baby. The father (Dmitry Shevchenko) let the girl live with him, and his care-free bachelor life goes haywire, until his girlfriend Natasha (Natalya Tkacheva) steps in to help.
Sergey Tkachev (02.04.65)
director, script writer, playwright, actor, producer.
He graduated from the Russian Academy of Theater Art in 1994 as director, actor, script-writer. Sergey also was engaged in cinema. For a small period of time he wrote more than ten scripts and plays, almost all are translated into foreign languages.
At the present moment Sergey Tkachev and " TATA STUDIO " have several films in production, such as "MORNING" (postproduction), " DREAM NUMBER FIVE " (postproduction), "SCORPIO ON THE PALM " ( preproduction).

"THE HUNTER and THE TIGER" (France, "CANAL + ", 1996)
"ARTIST", "KOLOBOK", "THE QUEEN COURSE" ("The Directory of Death", RTR, 1999)

“…The most interesting thing in the film “KOLIA+TONIA+IRA” by director Sergey Tkachev is an incredible, hallucinating trip into the world of a family that mesmerizes and breaks all the generally accepted notions, with the father “a la Ginsburg” photographing his nude (“nue”) daughter-in-law.” – (“L’Humanite“)

“…It is necessary to count significant, that Sergey Tkachev has shown (as against lines of the Russian directors, continuing to simper or are exaggerated to revel in human defects) creditable propensity to " a normal cinema ", mature on ideas, convincing on characters, which exact and without falseness played by actors…” – (Sergey Kudryavtsev)

“…Some may think that the film “The Shield of Minerva” is about the satiated and for the satiated. However, it’s another misleading ploy, this time on the part of a director, not a character. No, these are not the whims of rich idlers, these are the neuroses of our contemporaries, of our friends, and our own…” – (Andrei Plakhov, FIPRESCI)

The additional information:
(095) 911-06-74 Natalya Tkacheva (“TATA STUDIO”)
(095) 255-90-52; 255-90-82 “INTERCINEMA ART AGENCY”
The information on film, film crew, photographic materials and announcements on www.tatastudio.ru and www.intercinema.ru (the english versions of a site)