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Press about Sergey Tkachev's other works

“‘The Illusionist’s Widow’ performance is the transformation of over-organized hierarchy into the anarchy of sleep. But perhaps it’s a narcotic sleep? Then what drugs do these actors take to be so convincing?”

Patricia Kaper (playwright, theatre critic)

“The actors in Russian director and playwright Sergey Tkachev’s production are so funny that you just cannot resist it.”

Eric van der Velden (theatre critic)

“…The most interesting of all that has been seen is the film “KOLIA+TONIA+IRA” by director Sergey Tkachev – an incredible, hallucinating trip into the world of a family that mesmerizes and breaks all the generally accepted notions, with the father “a la Ginsburg” photographing his nude (“nue”) daughter-in-law.”


“A modest camera seems to be hypnotized by this Pasputin of a photographer… That voyage stuns, repulsing and attracting you at the same time.”

Sophie Cashon, “Telerama”

“An undoubted success is the Russian film “KOLIA+TONIA+IRA” which suggests a plurality of interpretations: it’s a story of a photographer who devotes his life to taking pictures of one and the same subject – his daughter-in-law. Desire, morality, mixed feelings and liberty…”

Gerard Raffort, “Turmoil of Emotions”. “L’Humanite-Dimanche”

“‘The Hunter and the Tiger’ is a touching story of a boy experiencing for the first time in his life the treachery of the world around him. Very sobering…”

Vladimir Ost


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